Libby’s Story

Bergamo has been my home for about 6 and a half years. It’s far from where my husband grew up and even farther from where I grew up, but on it’s outskirts is a town called Calusco D’Adda and it represents home to my daughters.

Bergamo has left an indelible mark on all of us in the time we’ve been living here. We have shared the beauty of the city and countryside with family and friends. We have passed on some of it’s deeply held traditions like Saint Lucia to our daughters. Having become part of the community we feel connected to the ways of life here.

Now, we’re watching with dread and sorrow the war that is being fought in hospitals and homes here in the center of our Bergamascan towns. The havoc being wrought seems never-ending.

Our hearts are with each person struggling with illness, their loved ones that are helplessly watching and waiting, the healthcare providers who are on the front lines everyday, and the communities and individuals that are mourning the innumerable losses.

These losses to humanity cannot be quantified, and Bergamo will continue to mourn. We mourn with her, and we pray for God’s mercies and comfort for her beloved community. That community is ours.

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